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Bubblers returns

The follow up to one of my favourite comps, brownswood electric, is due out 27th June on brownswood recordings. It’ll be available on CD and will also be available on LP over two volumes.

01 Ta-ku – Hey Kids
02 Monky – Drunkerdz
03 Anenon – Shifts
04 DJG – Automatic
05 Frederic Robinson – Mood Swings
06 Synkro & Indigo – Knowing You
07 Mfp – Future Hopes
08 Jus Wan – Miles Away
09 DJ Dials – Pillowforts
10 Funk Ethics – Step In
11 Jack Dixon – By My Side
12 HxdB – Savage Pets
13 Stray – Break Your Legs
14 AEED – Under The Alps

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