Nils Frahm

If you live in Brighton you should get yourself to the green door store on Friday 11th to see this guy. His new album, the result of wrapping the hammers of his piano in felt so he could play at night but not wake his neighbours (hence the title), is one of the most beautiful and delicate albums i have heard this year. Have a listen and then go get yourself a ticket.


Waiting for my copy of this turn up at the moment. The vermont duo are the first artists are the first to be put out on software, Daniel Lopatin’s mexican summer offshoot, other than Mr Ford & Mr Lopatin and features production from lopatin as well. Check out the album below and also a matthewdavid remix of landline. Definitely a contender for artwork of the year.

Landline (Matthewdavid Remix)

Pressed And

Awesome song of Electronic duo Pressed And’s debut effort “imbue up”. only available on extremely limited (only 100 copies) tape, so if you still own a tape deck go order yourself one now from the link in the player. If you got a pair of headphones hand grab them before you listen the build at the end sounds fantastic.

The Tall Tale Of Jurgen Muller

Just picked up the supposed re-issue of Jurgen Muller’s science of the sea LP. It comes on Beautiful green wax, but the best bit about it is the fantastic back story behind the creation of the record. I wont go into great detail because its been told a million times, but the short version is he made it (with no musical training whatsoever) in the early eighties whilst studying oceanic science at Kiel university and gave a few copies out the friends and family. A wonderful tale although many have found holes in it, anyway its an awesome album check it out!